8 - KITCHEN Grand London Residence

Designing or updating a kitchen invites the careful consideration of the practicalities and the aesthetics, but whether you’re starting fresh or simply updating your current kitchen, it’s important to avoid getting hung up on the latest trends.

Unlike trends for sustainability and energy efficiency, your kitchen will outlast most kitchen interiors trends, and it is important that you go with what makes you happy, and not what makes Instagram happy.

To ensure a smooth kitchen renovation, we have a look at five things to keep in mind when revamping the busiest room in the house.

To start, you need to take time to consider how the kitchen will be used to help determine the design. Is it a purely functional space for cooking and eating, or will it be a more social space where the family gathers? You also need to consider storage.

Secondly, the layout of your kitchen and the amount of natural light it receives will determine how you decorate it. You should pay attention to the different levels of natural light the kitchen receives throughout the day to help determine which colours will work best.

The design and layout will be heavily influenced by the pavement of plumbing, gas, and extraction. It will be easier on your budget to keep these where they are, as relocating them needs a professional and adds extra expense. Seek expert advice first.

When planning what you should spend your money on what you should save on, a simple rule of thumb is to spend on the things you touch the most, such as worktops, handles, and taps, while saving on items that are not as noticeable. For example, pair low-cost cabinets with high-quality doors.

Lighting is essential in all areas of the home, especially in a kitchen, but don’t immediately default to a ceiling full of downlights. It’s important to think about different layers of lighting for warmth and softness.

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