How To Create Perfect Interior Lighting

Even the most beautifully decorated interior space needs a thoughtful lighting scheme to show it off at its best. A dark, dingy room will not be a safe or enjoyable space to be, whereas a harshly lit room will not be comfortable or relaxing. To achieve the perfect balance of light sources, here’s a few tips.


Natural light

If you are lucky enough to be planning your home or an extension with an architect, it is important to consider natural light sources. Optimise windows and glass doors in south-facing rooms which will capture the most sunlight, and consider having skylights fitted if you have a single-storey or top floor room.

For an existing room, you can maximise natural light by placing large mirrors on walls opposite windows, or even use mirrored furniture items such as cabinets and cupboards.


Artificial light

The aim when placing your interior lighting is to create layers. This is especially important to break up a high ceiling space, such as a church or chapel conversion.  Recessed lighting should be ideally planned in the pre-construction phase, to highlight features such as a fireplace or painting.

Task lighting should be placed over key spots such as kitchen islands, desks, or reading spaces. For other general lighting, place recessed lights to break up dark areas, and ensure they are fitted with dimmer switches so the light levels can be adjusted to suit your mood.

Pendant lights add an extra layer and a particularly effective for high ceilings. Create a statement with a stylish contemporary design, or complement a more traditional interior décor with a crystal chandelier.

The last piece in the jigsaw are lamps which can be placed to pull the whole feel of the room together. Floor lamps can be used to brighten dark corners or provide extra task lighting, and table lamps can really stamp your individual taste on the room. Bulbs should be low-wattage to create a soft ambient glow.

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