How To Create The Perfect Space To Work From Home

Getting your home office design correct is essential for productivity and our own wellbeing, with so many people working from home much more than ever before. So how do you create a space that not only ensures a productive atmosphere but also meets your luxury design needs?

Whether you’re covering a spare room, a neglected corner of another room, or designing a dedicated garden office extension, you need to think about the purpose of your home office, from a place of privacy where you spend most days to a functional space in the home that’s part home office, part homework study stations and part home admin centre.

Wherever your setup is going to be, you will need to ensure there is an adequate power supply for computers and peripherals, as well as charging options for mobile devices, lighting, and more. It may be preferable to hire an electrician to provide wall-mounted sockets, rather than having trailing extension cables.

You should invest in the best desk you can for your budget. It needs to be able to accommodate your computer or laptop and have plenty of space for files and take notes without being cluttered. Integrated storage will also help keep your desktop free of mess, as will shelving and drawers for filing paperwork.

A bespoke desk could ideal for fitting into awkward spaces and provide wire channels to keep tangles of cables out of sight. A good desk will also have room for some non-work items, such as ornamental objects and photographs so your workspace is not completely sterile.

You should match your office chair to the decor in the rest of the room. You will be sat at your desk for many hours, so invest in a chair that oozes luxury, but also is supportive and comfortable.

The correct lighting is essential to your productivity, so aim to get as much natural light as possible, as well as desktop task lighting for getting work done late into the evening.

You need to create a space that you will enjoy spending time in, so don’t skimp on the luxury items that make work a pleasure.