HowTo Make Your Bed A Focal Point Of Your Design


Over the past year, our homes have become a major part of our working lives, with a lot of people who do not have a home office working from another room in their home.

With 42 per cent of people working from home according to ONS statistics, there are a lot of different ways people have found to work from home, some of which have been more successful than others, with living rooms and bedrooms being particularly popular.

This has highlighted how much of a focal point the bed is as part of a bedroom, and how it looks and feels is not only good to ensure you have a good night’s sleep but also to help present a luxurious and professional aesthetic to any video calls you make in your makeshift office.

Here are some top tips to use your bed to enhance your interior design.


High-Quality Bedding

The best way to deal with both the aesthetic and practical aspects of having your bed on display is to ensure you have high quality, clean, crisp bed sheets, duvet and pillowcases.

From a comfort perspective, 100 per cent cotton bedding will feel highly luxurious and naturally breathe to help regulate your temperature.


Colour Coordinate

Your bed is the central point of your bedroom, and if you design with this in mind you can create many beautiful looks.

A statement design, such as a botanical or textured print, can be used as the starting point for your carpet and wallpaper design.

On the other hand, plain white sheets will work effectively with neutral tones or a single statement wall.

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