Inspirational Ideas To Design Your Home Library

There are few concepts more powerful than imagination, and few objects that help to foster and cultivate imagination quite like the book.

A home library is an exceptionally flexible space that can be used as part of many different styles and have multiple alternative purposes. The only necessity is the inclusion of books and literary materials as a centrepiece.

When it comes to library interior design in Chelsea and across London, the key principle is to capture the imagination and create an ideal space to read.

Here are some ideas to help that creative spark.

Embrace Warm Lighting

The lighting of a room can have a profound effect on how we think and react. According to a study undertaken in Germany, people are more creative in warmer, richer lights and focus better under colder lights.

Whilst there can be benefits to a more focused concentration space when reading, particularly for research purposes, warm lighting augmented with richer, darker textures will create a comfortable, elegant and relaxing reading space.

Comfortable And Elegant Furnishings

The more relaxed we are, the more we let our creativity and imagination come to life. With that in mind, ensure that your furniture is both elegant enough to spark creativity and comfortable enough to enable long, relaxed reading sessions.

Find What Fits You

Ultimately, our taste in literature is exceptionally personal and our home libraries should reflect this. Choose colours, textures and themes that are inspired by your favourite works and that help stimulate your mind and creative muse.