Key Trends in Bedroom Design

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Your bedroom should be a relaxing sanctuary, a place you look forward to retreating to at the end of a hard day, and enjoy waking up in the next morning. A room that is harmonious and aesthetically pleasing, but also a practical place to sleep and take care of your wellbeing, is the aim of good bedroom design.

The colour scheme you choose for your bedroom may depend on its size and source of natural light. Think about the atmosphere you want to create— a small room will feel more spacious with a cool palette, whilst a large chilly room on the north-facing side of the house could benefit from warmer tones.

Bedroom wallpaper is increasing in popularity, for its ability to add life and interest to the room. Oversized, bold prints, and even murals are being favoured for feature walls. It is also becoming common practice to paper all four walls with an understated design, to avoid being too overwhelming.

A key trend for this year is the statement bed, which after all will tend to be the focal point of the room. Tall headboards with interesting detailing, shapes, patterns and textures and vibrant colours are in demand for their glamour, reminiscent of the opulent Art Deco era. Aim for that boutique hotel vibe with a luxurious but cosy feel.

Consider bedroom storage with any design overhaul. You may have little room for manoeuvre here if the room is small, but a bed with divan drawers or other hidden storage in the base will be a good investment. Bespoke fitted units save space in small or awkwardly shaped rooms.

Freestanding units give you greater flexibility when it comes to style, and can be refreshed every few years to reflect changing tastes. The essence is to pick out pieces that will harmonise with the style and layout of the room, and also provide plenty of storage space.

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