Three Hot Autumn Interior Design Trends


The next season in interior design is set to be a particularly fascinating one, with so many designers keen to put their stamp on the future of home design.

Functionality has been key to many interior trends of the past two years, with our homes needing to be versatile but also promote a sense of wellbeing and positivity.

With this in mind, here are three of the hottest interior design trends.


Open Plan Is Over

For decades, the primary building and design philosophy has been the open plan living space. Your living room, your kitchen and your dining room all being one interconnected room.

When homes were mostly used for relaxing and entertaining, this was fine, but with more households than ever needing a separate home office space, the open-plan space is gone, and in its place lives the broken-plan space.

Broken-plan uses soft room dividers such as sliding curtains, sliding doors, movable furniture and even rotatable walls just to provide some extra privacy to work.

Even if a growing number of people are heading back to the office, the idea of the home office space will linger, and it may come at the expense of a truly open-plan space.


Curved Designs

Comfort has become highly coveted over the past year, which has led to a rise in popularity for curved furniture, rounded archways and round tables to add a soft aesthetic even to harder surfaces and materials.

This combined with an increased interest in tactile, natural textures is all aimed to make a home feel lived in and belonged to, rather than a showpiece.


Using Every Inch

Space is a premium for many homeowners, and we have seen many design movements spring out in reaction to trying to make the most of space.

From loft conversions to outdoor rooms, every possible space that can be lived in or used by a household has seen conversions and adjustments.