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When it comes to interior design there are few matters as decisive to determining whether a room’s look works or not as its colour scheme.

However, whilst there are many theories and ideas behind why certain colour schemes seem to work better than others, it is far from an exact science.

However, whether you want to add splashes of accent colours to an otherwise neutral space, or be bold and make a room feel like yours, here are some top tips on how to use colour to make a pleasant living space.


Start Small

There is a way to cheat when it comes to a colour scheme and that is to embrace minimalism. If you have whites, off-whites or otherwise neutral colours on your walls and a natural texture on your wall, you can get away with a lot of different looks.

Add to this blank canvas furniture and fittings of different colours and feel free to experiment with rugs, throws and cushions.

Not only will this make an immediate impact, but if you decide to make a more substantial change to a room, you have a starting point for what you feel works.


Space Is An Illusion

The biggest reason why homes that are up for sale have neutral colour schemes is that lighter shades make a room look bigger to our eyes, and this perceptive trick can be taken full advantage of to make a tiny room seem substantial and a large room seem cosy.

For small rooms, opt for mirrors parallel to the main window, as well as warmer colours, neutral shades and whites. Conversely, for a large room, choose some warmer, richer shades such as natural greens, reds and blues.


Try An Accent Wall

A great compromise is to have a wall that contrasts the look and feel of the rest of the room.

If you like the space that comes with a neutral shade but want to still experiment, try having an accent wall on the far side of your room, with either a rich contrasting colour, interesting pattern, unique texture, or some combination of all three.